Intravenous (I.V) Sedation

We are delighted to announce Dr Regina Flanagan and Dr Niall Conaty are now bringing I.V Sedation to the practice . With over 15 years experience in I.V sedation you are in very safe hands.

What  is  intravenous  sedation?  

Intravenous  sedation  is  a technique  that  uses  a  drug  called  midazolam  to  help  you  to  cope  with   fear  and  anxiety  during  dental  treatment.  It  is  also  very  helpful  if  you  have  a  tendency  to  gag   during  dental  treatment.  The  drug is  given  through  a  drip  into  a  vein  in  your   arm into your bloodstream . Midazolam causes full or partial memory loss for a period of time and therefore you won't have recollection of the dental procedure . This way of helping you to relax during treatment can help you to avoid the need for a general anaesthetic and allow all your routine dental care to be carried out . 


 Who  can  be  sedated? 

We  can  use  this  form  of  sedation  if  you  are  over  18 years old and in good health.  It  is  not  suitable  for  children.  Dr Flanagan and Conaty will access you at your consultation visit  to see if this a suitable method for you. 


Is  intravenous  sedation  safe? 

It  is  not  suitable  for  everybody  but  your  dentist  will  check  carefully  to  make  sure  that  you  can  have   sedation  safely. Before  you  are  given  an  appointment  for  sedation, you  will  have  your  height  and   weight  measured.  We  will  also  check  your  blood  pressure,  pulse  and  the  level  of  oxygen  in  your   blood.  


What  will  happen  at  my  appointment? 

Before  we  start  your  treatment,  we  will  check  your  blood  pressure,  pulse  and  oxygen  level  again.   These  will  also  be  checked  regularly while  you  are  sedated.  We  will  put  a  drip  into  your  hand  or   your  arm  – wherever  the  best  vein  is.  The  drug  is  then  given  through  a drip.  We  will  watch  you  carefully  and  begin  treatment  only  when  you  are  fully   relaxed.  You  will  not  be  asleep  but  you  will  be very  drowsy.    Usually you do not  remember  the   treatment  later  on.  We  will  keep  you  in  the  surgery  for  at  least  an  hour  after  your  treatment  until   we  are  sure  you  are  ready  to  go  home.  


 Will  my  treatment  change  because  of  the  sedation?

 No.  Once  you  are  relaxed, your  treatment  will  be  exactly  the  same.  You  will  still  need  injections  to   make  your  mouth  numb.